PU Flooring Services

PU Flooring Services
PU Flooring Services
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PU Flooring Services


For impact, abrasion,chemical , corrossion resistance, heavy duty, dust proof, vibration, thermal movement,

Anti fungal, anti moss,anti bacterial in pharma, food, elctric, electronics, , auto, chemical, textile, surgical,

Instruments, instruments, dairy, engineering, sugar, paper, pickeling, optical, metal, industries, operation theater,

Hospitals, godowns, garages, laboratories, walkways , shops & malls,

Railways, paint shops, battery rooms, computer rooms, kitchens, exibition halls, canteens, electroplating units, etc.,

And for dam , canals, railway plateform.

METHOD OF USE:- (1) SURFACE PREPARATION:- Surface Should Be Dry, Clean, Even And Free From Dust, Dirt, Paint,

Rust, Algee, Grease, Soluble Salt, Or Other Contaminations And Damp Free. For Cleaning Use Hand Or Power Tools And

Cleaning Chemicals / Paint Remover And Then Use Rust Remover Or Sand Blasting Wherever Required.(2)Apply Putty If

Required (3) Apply First Primer Thin Coat On Clean & Dry Surface (4) Apply Second & Third Coat On First Coat.

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