Amino Modified Silicone Fluid

Amino Modified Silicone Fluid
Amino Modified Silicone Fluid
Product Description

TEXTILE FINISHING FLUIDS are non-reactive amino modified silicone fluids that give excellentsoftness with durability.FEATURES• Gives an excellent soft handle• Resistant to washing and abrasion• Non-Reactive• Readily form micro emulsions that are dilution stable• Amino functional silicone• Compatible with other finishing agents• 100% active• Emulsion stable in up to 600-ppm hard water and0.1% electrolyte.APPLICATIONS
non-reactive fluids can be easily converted intomicro emulsion by using non-ionic emulsifiers. Theseemulsions can be used in textiles & leather to generatesoft handle, suppleness & silky finish that is capable ofwithstanding repeated washing cycles. They areespecially useful for cottons, sarees, suiting, etc to impartsoftness and body to the fabric. Choice of fluid dependson type and degree of softness required and coloration.PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE non-reactive amino modified silicone fluids that give excellent surface smoothness along with softness anddurability. gives the best inner softness and should be used if yellowing is a concern. If yellowing isnot of concern (dark fabrics), the best softness is achieved by use of different combination formulationfor better modified effects

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